Welcome to Ian Thompson’s Website

This website is simply a vehicle for offering downloadable articles on mental calculation (‘computation’ if you are from outside the UK), on written calculation and on place value to trainees, practising teachers, consultants and researchers. 53 PDF files can be found on page 2.

I spent almost 40 years teaching mathematics to children, trainees, consultants and practising teachers, and took voluntary severance from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2002, having been seconded to the National Numeracy Strategy from 2000-2002.


The stimulus for my research into children’s idiosyncratic mental and written calculation strategies was watching my children struggle to make sense of number concepts when young. My interest later developed into a study of the difficult concept of place value.


I have edited three books for Open University Press:

           Enhancing primary mathematics teaching (2003);

           Teaching and learning early number, 2nd edn. (2008);

           Issues in teaching numeracy in primary schools, 2nd edn. (2010).


I am currently Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire.